So, this is our first blog post and we thought there would be nothing more fitting then some advice on how to find the most suitable event space or venue for your event. With so much choice it can become overwhelming when sourcing the perfect event space as their are so many venues to choose from. New venues are launching on a regular basis from bars, restaurants, new hotels and unusual but very unique venues looking to generate revenue from under utilised spaces.

So, what do you need to look for when searching for the most suitable event space for your event? There are a number of factors that you need to take into consideration.


Where do you want to hold your event? Firstly you need to establish the location. This is hugely important as it needs to be easily accessible for all of your attendees. Is the location a desirable location? Is their car parking within the vicinity of the venue? If your targeting local businesses in your city how long will it take them to get to the venue? Will this effect your attendence at the event? Once you have picked the right location for your event you can then narrow down the search for your chosen venue.

Event Type

What type of event is it that you are planning? If you are planning a Christmas party for 100 of your colleagues with a varied age range, it might not be a good idea holding a Neon Rave at the local nightclub until 4am. On the same hand dont follow the crowd, look at unique venues that can cater for your event and make it different. Make your event stand out from the crowd and one that people will remember for years to come.

The Biscuit Factory


I can remember all them years ago i was planning a live music event and spent a small fortune on the line up, venue hire fee, flights for the acts and hotels as well as many other things. Holding the event in the middle of January wasnt the best decision i have ever made. Coming off the back of Christmas people were holding off until the next pay day at the end of January. The event was a bit of a flop to say the least, however i learnt from my mistakes and went on to have a very successful few years holding many events at some of the cities best venues. Have a good think about the date. Are there any other events on that date that might effect your attendence? Are there any bank holidays around this date? Will people be on their holidays? Do your research as this could make or break your event.

Event Content / Plan

Before approaching venues make sure you have a proposal as they will ask you about your event. What is the event? Who will be attending? How many people will be attending? Do you require catering? Will there be any entertainment? Start and end times for the event? Do you require security? I personally create a business plan for each event i am planning and also use a great project management tool called Trello which allows me to create individual projects, add a to do list and manage my event planning more effectively.


Here at Venyou we are firm believers that finding the most suitable venue is the foundation for any successful event. Once you have agreeed on the location, event type and a proposed date the next step is finding the venue and their are number of things to take into consideration.

1. Venue Type
2. Reputation
3. Capacity
4. Amenities
5. Opening Hours
6. Staffing
7. Security
8. In house PA available
9. In house AV available
10. Is Catering available or can you source your own
11. Load in / Set Up Times
12. Is your proposed date available
13. Venue hire fee
14. Minimum spend
15. Is the venue exclusive

I could go on and on……

Once you have received this information you will be in a better position to get your event plan finalised, confirm the venue and get to work planning, promoting and working on the event logistics. It can seem daunting, planning an event is no easy task.

Here at we specialise in events. The Venyou platform was launched by event planners, for event planners. We found it very time consuming searching for the right venue, gathering all of the relevant information and asking the right questions to ensure the venue was the most suitable for our event.

If you have an event coming up dont hesitate to contact us. We offer a free event planning service if you are looking to book a venue within our portfolio. We are always in the city so if you fancy a coffee to discuss venues or your event in general email [email protected]

Happy event planning !! 🙂


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