5 Event Planning Skills You Need for Success

Do you currently work as an event planner, either planning your own events or do you plan all of your company’s events? Maybe you’re thinking about a career in the industry? Being an Event Planner takes a lot of passion and organisation. It’s imperative to have all event planning skills you need for success

event planning skills

The most successful event planners have a variety of tools and skill sets to ensure that all their events or a huge success. here are the top five of them planning skills you need to use on a regular basis that can determine the success of your event.

Top 5 event planning skills you need

1. Multitasker

Planning events is up there with one of the most stressful jobs out there, well for those that don’t plan carefully! During the event planning process, you will find that there are numerous tasks that need your attention so it’s imperative that you have the necessary event planning skills. Obviously before your event you developed an event plan, right? Sometimes even with the right plan in place there will be times when you feel like you’re spinning ten plates at once. You might be liaising with multiple venues, looking at various entertainment options, putting a list of costs together as well as thinking of unique ideas to help you market your event.

Your successful will rely on your ability to prioritise all your main tasks. Make a list of five things that you need to finish daily before you go home. Event planners that have too many tasks on their do list don’t feel like they’re getting anywhere!  Limit your to-do list to the five main priorities and don’t go home until their complete!

event planning skills

2. Just be you!

When you’re running events, you will be dealing with people daily! One of the main event planning skills you need it to be personable, engaging, a good conversationalist and excellent listener! All event planners are extremely sociable so just be you! Understanding your suppliers and your potential attendees is all part of the job. Many people believe that event planning is an easy job but it most certainly isn’t! You must have a real passion for events, but most importantly have fun and just be you!

3. Be creative!

The most successful event planners are continually coming up with new ideas sometimes a little crazy, but always remember that is hugely important to be creative, this is definitely up there with one of the most important event planning skills you need! Some of the largest and most popular events in world started with a crazy idea! Tough Mudder, Gung Ho, Bingo Bongo and silent discos all started off with a thought in some one’s mind! Their friends might have told them they were crazy, but who’s the crazy one now!

event planning skills

4. Be a geek!

Well, not literally – but it will be worth your while keeping up to date with the latest technology that can help you with not only the planning stages of your event, but also ticket sales, attendee registrations, marketing, event management, budgets and accounts! Technology plays an important role in the event industry, just like most industries so make sure you keep up to date with what’s going on!

5. Keep an eye on the £££

Some times when you are planning an event, especially if you are new to the industry you might take your eye off that all-important spreadsheet! Some Event Planners get a little excited and order to much food, book hugely expensive entertainers or overspend on the marketing! Keep you’re eye on the money, always prepare an event budget and stick to it!

If you have an event idea and need some assistance planning your event pop us an email over, we will be more than happy to assist you. We have planned many events from small intimate affairs, concerts for 2000 people, exhibitions, and networking events for over 15 years! Email [email protected] with your ideas and we will be in touch


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