The UK events industry is worth a staggering £42.3bn, over 570,000 jobs are supported with over 10,000 venues and 35% of the UK’s visitor economy is accounted for by events. Eventbrite the UK’s leading ticketing platform has produced a really cool info graphic which shows just how well the UK’s event industry is performing and it doesn’t loo like its going to slow down. Pretty damn good to news for any start up in the events industry!


One thing all these events need venues or event space. With over 10,000 venues in the UK searching for the right venue for your event can be a pain. With so many options, so much information, so many costs it is important to get things right first time. However you have other things where you can spend your time more effectively

Here at Venyou we will work tirelessly to help super-exceed your expectations in every dealing we have with you. From the initial enquiry, the proposals and booking stages you can rest assured we will work with you every step of the way.

If you need some assistance finding the right venue for your event space in Newcastle please call 0191 660 2764 or email [email protected]

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