The 2016 Eventbrite Pulse Report stated that Event Organisers had an average budget across the UK of £4,338 budget for their marketing per event. Considering that the average budget for hiring the venue was £9,375 this really did amaze me. Are Event Planners across the UK becoming more self sufficient when it comes to marketing and their event spend without the need to outsource. Are they becoming more creative when it comes to their event spend?

With this is mind i thought it would be good to share some cost effective hints and tips on how to manage your event on a tight budget.

Graphic River

Good branding is imperative for your event, however You dont need to spend hundreds of pounds on great design. Graphicriver is an online marketplace where designers upload their work for you to view, buy, download and customise. Their are literally thousands of designs which include flyers, Facebook covers and logos. All you need is a friend who is handy on Photoshop and your off! The first step to a successful event is good branding and the right image for what you are trying to achieve.


Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Tumblr, Snapchat…. the list is endless. The best thing about this is its free, unless you really want to spread your wings of course. Set up your profiles for your event. Invite your friends to your Facebook page, follow the movers and shakers in your industry on Twitter and invite all of your Facebook friends to you Instagram. Facebook is my first choice of course! Once you have set up your page on Facebook and invited all of your contacts you can then set up your own event! Make sure you have a good Facebook Cover photo for your event page, good content and all the correct details, then get busy inviting your friends and contacts to your event.


Most of you will know what Mailchimp does. The platform allows you to send emails to your subscribers, but did you know that you can send upto 12,000 emails for free to 2,000 subscribers? Not only that but you can also make your own templates, upload your own designs, integrate with your social media platforms and monitor the success of your campaign. Mailchimp allows you to look at the campaign statistics and see who has opened your email, who has clicked on it and your industry average open rate. Not bad for a freebie!


The thing i love about Eventbrite is that if your not making money from your event i.e. the tickets are free, you can use their platform for free. A few clicks on the site and you can have your event page on one of the biggest event listing sites on the planet! You can send out personalised email campaigns, distribute e-tickets to your attendees, download their free app and scan your attendees in on your phone… amazing! Even if your selling tickets for your event the costs can be included in the ticket price for your event so you don’t have to pay a single penny!



Planning and organising an event is no easy task, there is so much to do from finding the right venue, designing your promotional material, setting up a website, email campaigns, delivering good content for your event, event management and financials. Trello allows you to set up boards (your project) with sub categories and the ability to add notes and due dates. Personally, i couldn’t live without it. Trello allows me to sleep at night without waking up pen in hand and writing a to do list in case i forget the following day. An event planners dream.

Here at Venyou we work with event planners on a daily basis, not only on finding the right venue for their event, but also sharing advice on the best suppliers, ways to market their event and new tools and technology to help streamline their systems and processes.

If you would like some free, impartial advice about your event dont hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

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