Top 5 Reasons to Use Venyou for Your Events

We are going to be pretty biased here, I hope you understand that right? However, the reason we I launched this business was to add value to the market place. I love nothing more than finding really unique event spaces in Newcastle and providing recommendations to our clients. So here goes.

1. Saving Time
If you have been given the job of finding the right venue and event space for your next event, it can become overwhelming. There is so much choice in the city now! It takes many calls and emails to venues, gathering information and that takes time. Venyou will gather all of your event needs and requirements and can have a full proposal over to you within the hour with venue and event space recommendations.

2. Knowledge
We have worked tirelessly to collate all of our partner venue information. The events they cater for, venue amenities, location, cost, is there parking available, local attractions, capacities, do they offer in house catering? We would like to think that we are experts in this area now! You can email, call or use our online chat feature on the Venyou   to discuss your requirements with a venue expert.

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3. One point of contact
Throughout your venue finding process you will have one point of contact who will be available morning, noon and night. We are always accessible to provide advice and assistance about events spaces in the city.

4. Supplier Contacts
We have worked on the industry for many years and during that time have worked with many suppliers that cater for events. So if you require event dressing or indoor pyrotechnics for your event we can help you source the right supplier contacts to make your event a memorable one! Nothing is impossible.

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5. Event Consultancy
Although it isn’t an area that we push, we can also provide event consultancy. Do you need a website set up for your event? Do you require a platform to sell tickets from? Will your event require a risk assessment? Do you need a project management tool to help you manage your event? Talk to our team any time about your event requirements.

To speak to an event & venue expert don’t hesitate to call us on 0191 660 2764 or email [email protected] We are here to help make your event a success.

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